Word Race


A real-time word game, race your friend to find the word first!
The Game Over screen of word race, showing the result of the game, and the players' boards

This is a spinoff of the super popular game, Wordle. This app allows you to challenge a friend and play against each other in real-time as you try to guess the word before your friend does. Each player can see the progress their opponent is making, which adds to the pressure of trying to guess the word first!

Technologies Used:

Frontend: The app was built as a single page application using Vue.js, which is hosted as a static site using Firebase hosting.

Backend: Firebase was used as the backend of the application. The use of Firebase allowed for the integration of real-time database updates, authentication, serverless functions and hosting.

Project Highlights:

Friend System: Challenge people by simply sending them a game code, after the game you can add each other as friends, quickly invite each other to games, and see a leaderboard of your friends to keep the competition going!

Real-Time Games: See how many words your opponent has guessed and how many letters they have right in real-time as you are playing. Once one person correctly guesses the word, the game is over. The game over screen lets you see what the word was, and what your opponent’s board looked like.


This was a fun project to build, and the real-time game aspects were a challenging problem to solve.